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These invoices are written invoices, which means you customize the template with your information, print them on your home or office printer, then write in the information by hand.

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A Vital Tool For Your Business

Invoicing is a very simple concept. You perform a job or do some work for a customer, you send them a bill, they pay you. Invoices are a vital tool in keeping your business's cash flow healthy. 

     A typical invoice includes:

    • The actual word “Invoice”, when the word is included, it makes it very hard for a customer to claim that they never received one.

    • The name, address and contact information of the person or company sending the invoice.

    • Date and credit terms of the invoice.

    • The name and contact information of the customer.

    • Delivery date of the goods or services rendered.

    • Product descriptions

    • Unit prices of each product if relevant

    • Breakdown of amount charged including taxes if relevant

    • Terms of Payment including due date, late charges, discounts if applicable and method of payments accepted by sender.

    • Many businesses include a reference number. This is especially useful if you have multiple invoices to the same customer and they have a question about one of them.

    Make Sure You…

    • Make time to send invoices as soon as you can after the job has been completed. If you put off sending invoices, your cash flow will become a trickle.

    • State terms of payment on the invoice. If you don’t the customer will think they can pay whenever they want.

    • Remember to invoice. Have a system in place for accurately tracking those who owe the business money.

    • Follow through on invoices that haven't been paid. Mail or email past due reminders to offenders.

Available Templates


Click on a thumbnail below to open the download page and view a larger graphic of the invoice to open, view and download the template(s) of choice.


Free Invoice Templates

Template Formats

you will need Word 2007 or newer to open with all formatting and to be able to edit.

Corel Draw: Corel Draw 7 and Corel Draw 15 versions are available to download.

Publisher: Publisher 2007 is required to open and edit the Publisher files correctly with all formatting.

InDesign: InDesign CC is required to open and edit files.


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